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Why should I compost at home? 

Did you know that when food waste decomposes to landfill, they produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas that is at least four times as environmentally detrimental as carbon dioxide? If under improper conditions, the leftover fruit peels, fish bones and such food waste will actually harm the environment.

Compost@Home aims to raise awareness of the social, economic and environmental advantages of composting, as well as encouraging home/community composting from HK residents. We will be selling home composting bins that will compliment your home, scent-free and pest-free!

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How do I get my own bin? 


Cost of 1 Bin:



24cm x 23cm x 23cm

(no larger than your backpack!)


To Order: 

Fill in the form attached, and we will get back to you through WhatsApp!

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If delivering:

Due to COVID-19, we will accept deliveries, but with extra cost (depending on location, cost is negotiable)






If picking up:


Central Ferry Pier 9


Discovery Bay (exact location TBC)

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All proceeds will be donated to Foodlink Foundation, a local NGO dedicated to reduce the amount of food disposed in landfill.





Check out their website



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Want your own at-home compost bin? Fill in this form:
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