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LUSH: A Company Review

LUSH is known to be one of the most environmentally-conscious brands out there -- I have recently purchased a few of their products: shampoo, body lotion, and solid perfume. Here are a few reasons why LUSH deserves our stamp of approval:

🌱100% vegetarian. No animals are used to be tested. Who doesn’t love a cruelty-free brand?

🐳Marine biodegradable. Every product that you use and wash off is not harmful to marine life. You will not have to worry about the amount of water that you pollute every time you take a bath!

♻️Recycling Initiative. For every 5 empty bottles/pots that you bring back after use, you get a fresh face mask! Helping the environment AND get a facial for free? Who could EVER!

👂Transparent supply chain processes. Everything LUSH produces are tracked from raw material processing to disposal of product. This is how we know they are not only reliable, but they also care about their customers.

Though bit on the pricey side, it is inclusive to all types of skin, scent preferences, etc. which will definitely suit your tastes. Having used a range of their products, they do not compromise quality, so I definitely have no regrets committing to this brand. Sooner or later you might just see my whole bathroom full of LUSH products!

📷 from LUSH HK Instagram

Article written by: Arwen Yeung

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